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Which Social Media Platform Should I Use for My Business?

With so many different social media channels out there, how do you know which one is best for you? You can’t be on all of them - that’s WAY too overwhelming! To create quality, effective content, you should really stick to one or two. So we’re going to help you decide where to devote your time and effort.

To make this all-important decision, you need to ask yourself four questions:

  1. Where does my ICA spend most of his/her time?

  2. Which social channel showcases what I do/sell the best?

  3. Which social channel am I the best at?

  4. Which social channel do I enjoy spending the most time on?

Where does my ICA spend most of his/her time?

This question is the first question to ask yourself because it is by far the most important. There’s no point spending hours and hours creating content if your Ideal Customer Avatar isn’t going to see it!

Side note: If you haven’t clearly defined your ICA, get on that right now!

Here are some key usage statistics for each of the four major social media platforms, based on demographics:


Although Facebook may seem like it’s dwindled in popularity, almost twice as many US adults use it (69%) than the seemingly much-more-en-vogue Instagram (37%). Don’t overlook it!


Facebook may dominate overall usage, but Instagram leads the teens and early 20s market.


Almost every business has a presence on Facebook and Instagram, but Pinterest is a much less crowded space that’s bubbling with opportunities for the right markets.


Similarly to Pinterest, marketing your business on LinkedIn isn’t nearly as competitive as FB and IG, so check to see how active your ICA is there.

To see more detailed demographics, check out this post from Sprout Social.

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Which social media platform showcases what I do/sell the best?

Now that you know where your ICA spends most of his/her time, it’s important to make sure you’re able to showcase your product or service.

People use each social media platform differently and for different reasons. Take Instagram for example - it’s very visual. People scroll or tap through images and videos. If what you do is super visually appealing, IG might be the channel for you.

When people scroll through LinkedIn, on the other hand, they’re often looking for articles or brief snippets of useful information.

Think about what you do and how you would showcase it on each platform. Which one would convert the best?

Which social media platform am I the best at?

As with everything, you should play to your strengths. If you don’t know ANYTHING about Pinterest, it might not be the best channel for your business, at least to start.

You can, of course, educate yourself, and I encourage you to do so. But if you’re deciding between two evenly matched platforms, choose the one you know the most about.

Don’t feel like you have what it takes to market on social media? We can help!

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Which social media platform do I enjoy spending the most time on?

This question is the last, and least important, one to ask yourself. However, you still need to take it into account.

If you’re going to deploy an effective social media strategy, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time on social media. There’s just no way around it, unless you hire someone to do it for you. So if you hate being on Facebook, avoid it if you can.

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Important Note: Build Your Email List

Social media is a great, free (or at least inexpensive) way to promote your business. That being said, you want to make sure you turn your followers into paying customers. In order to move them down your sales funnel, get their email addresses in exchange for a freebie. Then you can target them directly, in a more personal fashion.

The other huge benefit of building your email list is that you own it. Social media platforms change over time. While it’s doubtful that any of the big four will go under, the usage and demographics will change. Don’t just build your social media following because its value could drop. People rarely change their email address and generally check their email everyday.

Summary & Next Steps

Choose the best social media platform for your business by asking yourself these four questions:

  1. Where does my ICA spend most of his/her time?

  2. Which social channel showcases what I do/sell the best?

  3. Which social channel am I the best at?

  4. Which social channel do I enjoy spending the most time on?

After you’ve answered them, it’s time to streamline your content creation process through batching and repurposing content.

If you need any help along the way, hit us up! Set up a consultation so we can give you the clarity and confidence to rock social media like a pro.

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