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Gift Guide for Solopreneurs: Home Office Edition

We hit you with personal/professional development ideas in the first edition of our Holiday Gift Guide - now it’s time to upgrade your home office.

Working from home sounds great (and it is!), but it’s important to separate your workspace from the rest of your house. Even if you live in a small NYC apartment, like us, these gifts will help you create a productive, healthy, fun work environment.

Gifts For Work Productivity

Our first three recommendations are all about boosting your productivity. As always, we promote productivity so you can find more balance in your life, not do more and more work!

#1 External Monitor

Tired of switching back-and-forth between Chrome tabs or two different programs? You need an external monitor.

How people live without at least two screens I don’t know. With an external monitor, not only will you alleviate the annoyance of constantly switching between tabs, but you’ll also boost your productivity by 20-30 percent.

Our Pick: ViewSonic Touchscreen Portable Monitor

Why We Love It:

It’s a touchscreen.

It can power your computer.

Your computer can power it.

It has a built-in stand.

It can be used horizontally or vertically.

It’s portable (for when working from a coffee shop is a thing again!).

#2 Timer Block

If you aren’t placing time limits on your tasks, you’re throwing time away! As a solopreneur, you wear a lot of different hats and have to get a lot done - force yourself to check things off your to-do list in a certain amount of time. As Bruce Lee says, “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”

As a recovering perfectionist, time blocking is tough. That’s why I use a timer to hold myself accountable - it’s a must.

Our Pick: Mooas Cube Timer

Why We Love It:

It’s simple.

It’s effective.

#3 Casting Device

PSA: Casting devices aren’t just great for Netflix and chilling. We’ve found several different work-related uses for ours…

  • Watching digital courses - allows you to take notes and makes it more like an in-person experience

  • Watching YouTube training - similar to above, creates a better learning environment

  • Playing music - get the benefit of music plus calming videos or animations

  • Transport your workplace - cast a coffee shop or a beach or a mountain landscape (especially useful right now!)

Our Pick: Chromecast

Why We Love It:

Simple and easy to set up and use

Super portable

Works seamlessly with Chrome (our browser of choice)

Gifts For Work Health

Being a solopreneur is tough work - these next two recs will help you take care of your greatest asset - yourself!

#4 Computer Stand

If you’re health-conscious like us, you know sitting down, hunching over your computer at your desk or kitchen table all day isn’t great for your posture. Your computer needs to be higher and you need to spend some time standing up!

Sure, you can stack some books or put your computer on a higher surface, but we think you should treat yo’ self! Parks & Rec, anyone? Also, if you have an actual stand, you’re more likely to actually use it.

Our Pick: Rain Design Laptop Stand

Why We Love It:

It’s lightweight but sturdy.

It matches Laura’s MacBook!

#5 Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Now that we’ve suggested adding screens to your work life, let’s make sure you protect your eyes! Avoid the long-term effects of staring at multiple screens all day everyday, and snag yourself a pair of glasses that block blue light and look stylish.

Our Pick: SOJOS Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Why We Love ‘Em:

They do the trick.

They look great on Laura.

They’re inexpensive.

Gifts For Work Ambience

You should enjoy the work you do - and part of that enjoyment comes from the environment you’re in. Not only will an inviting and comfortable workplace make you happier, but it will also increase your productivity and promote a healthier life.

#6 Art

Curate your workspace with art that inspires, intrigues, calms, and/or satisfies you. Etsy is a great place to find unique pieces, but if you want to avoid an overwhelming number of cool options, check out our recommendation.

Our Pick: Real Fun. Wow!

Why We Love It:

His stuff is simple, minimal, and stylish.

The messages are exactly what we need to see on a regular basis.

#7 Essential Oil Diffuser

If you aren’t in the aromatherapy gang, you gotta join. Diffusers use essential oils to create therapeutic fragrances that will help calm you and relieve stress. Talk about setting the work mood.

Our Pick: ASAKUMI 300ML Essential Oil Diffuser

Why We Love It:

It’s minimal and stylish.

It has timers to automatically shut off.

It has seven mood light options to mix things up.

Are there any other items on your wish list that we missed? Hit us up on IG and let us know!

If you missed our first Holiday Gift Guide focused on personal/professional development, make sure you check it out!

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