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gift guide for solopreneurs: part one

What makes this year so unique is the collective banding together to celebrate each other, to promote shopping small businesses, artists and makers. With that same intention, I created a gift guide for solopreneurs so you can UPGRADE your business in 2021, because we get how hard it is when you're doing all the things, all the time, all by yourself.


I selected all of these books, courses, and services below specifically for solopreneurs who are doing WAY too much, need to reign in the chaos, but still have huge dreams to fulfill. I have also either personally invested in or have heard RAVE reviews about these recommendations. There are a few Amazon links for books, but they're still in support of the small or independent biz owners! You can also feel free to try to find the books at your local bookstore, which is always recommended. :)

So without futher ado...

Gift Guide For solopreneurs

1. Copymastery Membership with Amber Williams

If you have a hard time writing for your creative brand, tapping into your unique voice, creating copy that actually converts, then this is for you! It is only $67/month (a complete steal) and Amber is FIRE. There are live trainings every month, plus tons of resources and a badass community for accountability.

2. Anything Emma McGoldrick

I am a design nerd and love all things Emma McGoldrick. She has a lil’ shop with some templates, makes CUSTOM GIFS (what more could you want, I mean really) and has a very distinct design style that I am obsessed with. I learn from her all the time!

3. The Wonder Journal by Amber Rae

This is a “choose-your-own-adventure playbook for processing emotions and connecting with your feelings to find clarity, unlock wisdom and illuminate a path to what you truly, deeply desire.” (

I’m really excited about this one because as small biz owners, it is so easy to work, work, work, work and then Netflix and chill, rinse and repeat. But it is so important to practice the art of reflection, to process your emotions, a crucial practice for your mental health and for the health of your business. I'm a holistic thinker and believe that every small business owner should have a self-care practice that supports this crazy life we’ve chosen!

4. We Should All Be Millionaires Club

Okay so I am not in this club, but I WANT to be and I have plenty of colleagues and friends that are a part of it. The goal of this club is to enable and normalize female wealth by providing tools and resources, plus a community to do so. If you want to level up, this is a great place to start.


5. Simply Real Health Cookbook

Back to supporting yourself with self care practices -- this cookbook is a staple in our house. This is made for people who want to take better care of themselves but don’t have the time. The recipes are simple, delicious and have minimal ingredients! Make 2021 the year you decide to nourish and cook for yourself more!

6. Inward by Yung Pueblo

This is a book of poetry, but before you scroll on past this, it is not hoity toity poetry - it’s soul-clarifying words from one of my favorite writers of our time. Poetry has the ability to illuminate things we like to keep hidden from ourselves and I think it’s an important practice to go ‘inward’ and not only that, but read beautiful things that spark creativity within. This is one of those books! Highly recommended.

7. Social Brand Builder or a Web re-brand with US!

Do you want to overhaul your social media and create a plan to leverage it that will actually move your business forward? Are you looking for a revamped website or a redesign? We help clarify your ideas, articulate them into a gorgeous social or web presence and then teach you how to strategize and plan your content, as well as measure your analytics moving forward! Click to find out more. :)

That’s it for today! I know it was a mishmash of suggestions by the overarching theme is to upgrade your life, your business, your investment in yourself. I'm thinking there will be a part two, so if you have a small business you support and that supports YOU, drop them in the comments below!

Love y’all and Happy Holidays!

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