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philosophies ep04: advocating for your own work-life balance

Today's episode is all about how to integrate wellness into your daily routine as a small business owners and how to make intentional steps toward finding work-life balance that truly supports the life you live as a busy business owner. I'm walking you through 3 steps you can start taking TODAY!

episode highlights:

  • (1:50) Wendell Berry poem, The Mad Farmer Liberation Front

  • (5:50) Where to start if you want to integrate more wellness into your lifestyle

  • (9:10) 3 steps for integrating wellness into your busy lifestyle + How to build structure into your week that makes more space for wellness as a non-negotiable

  • (13:42) Some recommendations for stress-management techniques you can use

  • (18:50) Consider optimizing your work habits -- here are a few ways

  • (21:45) Mantras to take with you this week

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