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6 Tips For Creating AWESOME content for Social Media (that Resonates With Your Audience)

Creating amazing social media content for your brand doesn’t have to be hard. If you find yourself realizing at the end of the day that you forgot to post to social media, yet are likely going about it the wrong way. As a business, why even take the time to post at all if it isn't content that your audience will actually engage with. Your content should have a purpose that uniquely connects your brand to the story of your tribe, through entertainment, inspiration, and education. How can you present your expertise in a way that not only resonates with your audience, but actually inspires action, through a purchase, a comment, a save, or some other valuable form of social media currency. So let's get started on how you can start creating super awesome, engaging content that will draw in your tribe. But first...


Why even put time into social media content creation?

There are many reasons, really. But here are a few of the big ones:

Your content establishes your authority and credibility as a brand.

It can be a portfolio, a house for your testimonial, a sample of your coaching and expertise, an educational tool, a resume, among many, many other things.

It helps expand your reach.

Social media gives you access to a larger group of people from all over the world. Different social media outlets will have different audiences, so consider that when you're creating content!

Your content gives you an opportunity to build community and have conversations with your tribe.

When you create content that truly resonates, make sure you invite conversation and engage in the comments and DMs, because the opportunity is THERE, you just have to take it.

Content strategy can be important part of your funnel so you can turn followers into paying customers.

If you utilize good copywriting and create stellar content that guides your tribe toward your offerings, you will be able not only create a following, but make a living doing it.

Before we talk about creating kick ass content, let's talk about what might be standing in your way now.

Why your social media content isn’t resonating with your audience now...

You’re posting about everything under the sun.

In other words, you haven't picked a niche. The algorithm likes when it can put you in a box. And people like clarity. The more CLEAR you can be about what you offer and who it's for, the better. The more specific you can be with your niche in the market, the better.

You lack consistency.

Again, the algorithm tends to reward active users. And people like when they can expect high quality content from you regularly. Build momentum and don't let up. If you are posting here and there without any intention, consider at least implementing a schedule!

You’re not telling a story.

Storytelling is fundamental to the human experience. Storytelling brings people together and is a great way to develop a deeper connection with your audience. This is perhaps the single most important skill you can cultivate, so do not underestimate it!

How To Start Creating Kick Ass Content

1. Plan it in advance.

No more last ditch efforts to get your social media posts up day-of. We challenge you to plan and schedule a whole month's worth of content at once. This will enable you to take away the overwhelm of wearing all the hats in your business all the time AND ensure you actually have a strategy in place.

Don't know where to start to get this integrated into your work routine. Check out our post on the fundamentals of batching and also repurposing your content for max efficiency. Don't want to DIY and need a bit more hands on training? HIRE US!

2. Do the work to get to know your tribe and turn that into content.

Who is your ideal customer? What are their struggles and pain points? What problem are you helping them solve? Now, turn those problems into answers by creating content. You ICA (Ideal customer avatar) can evolve as your brand evolves, but make sure you do this research around a REAL person that you are deeply acquainted with.

So, where can you find questions and problems your ideal customers have?

1. Get the browser extension Keywords Everywhere. This extension adds a little side bar on the right to any of your google searches so you can see what questions your tribe is searching for in relation to your google search. Take that data and turn it into content! Specifically refer to the "people also search for" section on the bottom right. Here's an example:

2. Get on the phone with your ideal client. Whether it's an exist client that you LOVE working with, or a friend, colleague, or complete stranger, find a way to have a real life conversation to ask what their struggles and pain points are, what their questions are, etc. If you're a consultant, discovery calls are a great place to get this information. Do this ASAP.

3. ASK on social media on stories through the question sticker, poll sticker, quiz sticker, etc. Social media is a great place to get information from your existing followers. Conduct monthly polls to get more insight into what kind of content and needs your followers have around your area of expertise. This is about THEM, not you, so all you have to do is ask.

4. Leverage Facebook Groups. This is similar to number 3, but facebook groups are essentially groups of people with shared goals and interest and people are looking to be in community. Ask questions, be in conversation with you ICA, get feedback!

3. Get Inspiration

There are so many places to gather ideas for content. My biggest piece of advice is to create more than you consume. Don't be that person who watches 10 hours of youtube videos wishing you could build the business you want. Do the dang thing! That said, make space to get inspiration. Here's how:

1. Set aside an hour each week to browse people and ideas that inspire, interest, and resonate with you. Save that content into labeled folders on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

2. Create a secret Pinterest mood board with content inspiration that you can refer back to for endless ideas.

Above all, make plenty of space for content creation and set aside defined amounts of time for consumption. Stay accountable. When you create more than you consume, you give your unique ideas more room to breathe and flourish!

4. Prioritize shareable + saveable content.

Shares, saves and CLICKS are the most valuable currency in social media land, so start prioritizing content that is so value-driven that people want to share it with someone. Dive into your metrics to see what’s resonating and filter in a little more of that. Experiment more with videos, infographics, carousel posts and IGTVs that draw people in a bit more.


5. Analytics, yo.

Use DATA to make decisions about your business. Find out what’s working and what’s not. What posts are doing the best, what content is your audience resonating with? Get insight into the numbers. The more you know, the more power you have. Based on the data, tweak and refine as you go. Need an audit of your web and social presence? We've got you covered here!

6. Make sure you have a polished, cohesive look and feel.

Good branding goes such a long way. I've had clients hire me based on the quality of our website alone. Hire a professional to help you hone in on your brand, your ICA, to help you brainstorm and plan content for your social media content and above all, to make sure it's all working together strategically so you're not spinning your wheels and playing the guessing game.

Did I mention that we do this? Give your social media an overhaul, step it up professionally and come see us for some strategy, tools and training so you can hit the ground running with less overwhelm.

That's all for today, folks! Drop your comments below -- we'd love to here about your side hustle, or business and how you create content that really resonates with your audience.

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