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5 ways to incorporate video on social media

If you read our last post, you already know that Adam Mosseri announced that Instagram is "no longer a photo-sharing app". They will be prioritizing video content moving forward. While we don't know exactly how this will look, or to what extend it will do that, we're recommending that our clients start incorporating more video into their content.

We first want to address any objections you may have and convince you that it doesn't have to be as hard as you think.


It's expensive.

You do not need professional production quality to incorporate video into your content. We do recommend investing in a high quality iphone so your homemade video content comes out crisp, but other than that, you can invest as much as your budget allows, from hiring a videographer to simply recording with a tripod and an iphone.

It's time consuming.

It is. That's a reality. But again, unless you want to, you don't HAVE to use fancy transition techniques, or storytelling tactics. You can keep it simple and straightforward, real and raw. In fact, sometimes that's the content that performs the best. Audiences are moving away from perfectly curated content and toward more relatable content. The most important thing is to show up confidently as you are.

Is it really worth it? things are always changing.

You can always try other apps, but to be honest, most of the apps are prioritizing video features more and more, too. Even LinkedIn and Pinterest. In fact, according to Later, "back in 2018, a study showed that 54% of consumers wanted to see more video content from the brands or businesses they support. Since then, video has grown in popularity across every channel — from Facebook to LinkedIn. In 2019, users spent a weekly average of 6 hours and 48 minutes watching online videos, a 59% increase from 2016." The data definitely shows us that this is the way most consumers prefer to consume content. So why not meet them where they're at?

You don't have to completely revamp your strategy, but to completely ignore it as a business owner is a missed opportunity to connect with your audience. The key is to find a method that works for you at a budget that works for you, hire help where you can at the parts you need help with, and just put it out there. And then don't stay married to it, because things will change again!

The only constant in social media is that it will inevitably CHANGE.


So hopefully I've convinced you to give video content a chance. Here are 5 ways you can start incorporating video today:

Some of this is going to vary depending on which social media channel you're most active on, so keep that in mind.

1. Show up daily in stories.

To clarify, when I say stories, I really mean stories for IG, FB, & LinkedIn, story pins for Pinterest, Fleets for Twitter, etc. Even if it's 40 seconds of your day, showing your face, or giving some kind of behind the scenes update goes a LONG way in personalizing your brand, providing a connection point with your audience, and keeping you top of mind. I'll do a separate post about how to get more engagement through stories another time.

2. get someone to record video content to repurpose.

If you've read some of our past blog posts, you know we love to recommend a semi-annual photoshoot so you have some high quality, branded content for social. We are now making a similar recommendation for video content. There are different options depending on your budget, but you can either do it yourself with an iphone, hire a videographer, or a virtual assistant to do it, or get your hubby on board to film some things. You can then use that content and repurpose it across your different digital marketing and social media platforms.

3. experiment with reels, and/or tiktok.

Without a doubt, reels are where it's at -- or TikTok if your audience is younger. Now these two apps require different strategies since the audiences differ, so if you really want to optimize on both channels, find different angles for your content. Some people post their reels to TikTok because the formatting is similar, but it's not always effective. That said, this bite-sized, highly addictive content style is something you really can't skip. Think about where your target audience is hanging out and pick one of these platforms to experiment with!

4. host a weekly live with other professionals in your industry.

Most of the social media apps have live features, so again, focus your energy on whatever platform you're prioritizing most. Pick a theme within your industry and get other professionals in your industry and/or adjacent industries to go live with you so you can also leverage their audience. This is a triple whammy, because you can:

1) Get exposure to someone else's primed audience.

2) Repurpose the LIVE by saving it to your feed and/or repurposing the content in other ways.

3) Provide value on a consistent basis.

5. use animations to turn still photos into videos in canva.

If you're budget conscious OR want to mix it up OR don't want to show your face in your video content, you can use various video, stickers, and animation features within Canva to add movement to your graphics. Just export your graphics as an MP4 and voila! The premium version of Canva is just $12.95/month, so it's definitely worth the investment. You can sign up here.

There you go! If you need assistance creating a social media strategy that incorporates video and other social media features you may not be aware of, feel free to reach out to us and we can set something up. We'd love to help!

*Some links are affiliate links where we make commission for recommending the product. We ONLY recommend products we use and LOVE, because it's important to us that you have a positive digital marketing experience. :)

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