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ep 02 transcript:
on things you "should" do

On things we “should” be doing.


Do you ever have that feeling that everyone around you knows something about how to be successful that you don't? Or that there's some course, or pathway they've taken that you just don't know about yet?


These are deceptions sold to you by marketing geniuses. In fact, marketing geniuses have been telling us what we do and don't like for a while now. We look everywhere for the answers on what to do, how to be, what the most productive morning routine is...But we forget to make space to create, cultivate our craft, and live a full life.


I will boldly say that the lessons learned from truly observing your own full life is the best teacher in business and marketing.


Sometimes I daydream about what life would be like without the internet.On one hand, it's amazing how quickly we can learn, how easily we can connect, and how movements can really create powerful change. And it's equally amazing how shallow online connections can be, how much noise exists, and that we forget or find it difficult to live in real life without feeling an impulse to put our lives on display.


If no one sees your work, does it matter? Just a question I'm thinking about.


So many people are taking the same marketing and business courses on how to be entrepreneurs, how to build an online business, how to create an online course. I look around and everyone sounds the same. Ideas are watered down. 


You should post X number of times per week. You should post at the time of day your users are most active. You should add a CTA at the end of every post. We all have a list of 'shoulds'...I do!


When you truly meet an innovator, it's like a breath of fresh air. Its work stands on its own. I want to be someone who isn't following the rules. I want to set the rules.I don't want to create because someone told me I should. I want to create because I'm an artist and I want to make art.


I think the big thing to be aware of here is:


1) to embrace who you are as a creator, and your mission in this world, so much that you can't help but set the tone in your industry

2) to question a little more often. Are you doing something because your marketing guru said to do it, or because you really believe it aligns with your brand? And 

3) be self aware enough to detect your own BS. Sometimes you really 'should' do something, and you're just trying to avoid it because it's uncomfortable.


A lot of marketing lies in these grey areas. If you struggle to tap into your power as a creator, leave you with these affirmations:


I am a creative soul. Creativity flows abundantly in my being.


I invest my time and energy where it feels right for me. I choose to focus on experiences that nourish my life.


I am not bound by the idea of what I “should” be and do. I am the only one who can determine who I should be.

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