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ep 01 transcript:
You Will bloom how you were meant to

You will bloom how you were meant to.


I've been thinking about consumption in the modern world and the sheer amount of content we, as a collective consume each and every day. The amount of minutes and hours we spend seeking and using outside validation as our primary motivator, as the way we receive news and information and the rapid pace that information (whether true or not) spreads.


It can be easy, as someone who needs to participate in social media and the online space at large, to feel overwhelmed by the sea of voices. It can be easy to feel simply insignificant, especially when you feel a conviction in your heart to share a mission with the world.


Today I wanted to remind you of something I heard from the brilliant poet and artist, Morgan Harper Nicole, something that has brought me extraordinary peace and put both this marketing thing and this life into perspective.... She said:


"May the wildflowers blooming far out in unreachable fields remind you of this:

you will bloom how you were meant to no matter who does or does not notice... In the same way that far away wildflowers bloom in the sun, wind, and rain without us ever seeing them, you will bloom all the same."


I want you to take this with you. Be the kind of business owner that knows and can communicate their worth independent of external validation. Independent of likes, comments, website clicks, and saves....all the lingo you'll hear from your digital marketing strategist. If this is the bulk language you're using to sort out whether what you have to offer has value or not, I implore you to shift your thinking. Instead, get lost in your craft, spend time in real conversation with real people, and make space to cultivate hobbies and interests separate from your work. I learn the most when I'm not consciously plugged in.


This week I'm taking these thoughts with me and I hope you do, too.


Your work is not your worth.

You are growing at your own pace and it is exactly where you are meant to be.

There is space for you and your big dreams in this world.


And as Morgan Harper Nicole said so perfectly, “You will bloom how you were meant to'.

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